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Natura Algarve

Olhão - Cubist Village

02.12.2014 // Natura Algarve


Presenting cubist lines and white-washed walls, the houses of Olhão are a sign of its people’s commercial and emigrational links with Morocco.

The landscapes, the historical and archaeological legacy and the life experience are some of many reasons to visit Olhão though a long relaxed stroll.

Olhão has many interesting faces to discover, from the rural area to the coastline and its islands, from the urban riverside areas to the routes of the natural Park and from the typical villages to the breathtaking viewpoints with their endless landscapes.

This area presents some dazzling sceneries, smoothly mixing fields and mountains with an extensive coastline, sprinkled with islands and islets.

The fauna and flora are abundant and in perfect balance with the presence of man. There are hundreds of preserved species in this area.

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