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Natura Algarve


15.08.2014 // Natura Algarve

A sun and sea bathed land, with miles of golden sandy extensions, the Algarve has the most beautiful beaches in Europe, kissed by a warm turquoise Atlantic Ocean.


The southern region of Portugal attracts many foreign visitors, and is the traditional summer resort of most nationals.


But what makes this piece of territory so special and alluring?


A moderate climate throughout the year, offering over three thousand hours of sunlight; a coastal strand made up almost entirely of natural parks, and protected sites; a strongly traditional countryside; an amazing variety of hotel units; some of the best golf courses in the world; fully-equipped marinas; a cosmopolitan thrilling nightlife; and a hospitable people always ready to tell you all about their regions’ secular histories; these are the main ingredients of a region that serves millions of hungry guests.


The 125 miles of coast beginning in Odeceixe and finishing in Vila Real de Santo António are a sight for sore eyes.


The Algarve has all kinds of beaches, for all kinds of tastes: a wild coast of impressive dark cliffs in the Vicentian Coast; extensive sandy stretches going as far as the eye can see in the Lee side; and beautiful crystalline waters bordered by red/orange cliffs in the Water side.


However, besides the attraction of its sunny beaches, the Algarve has a lot more to offer. A perfect setting for all kinds of nautical and outdoors sports, this region also offers its mountain range and Barrocal with its rich multiplicity of fauna and flora, for people who enjoy peace and quiet. As for culture, there’s nothing like taking a stroll through the villages and cities to get to know the peculiar architecture of a land with so many Islamic traces. The açoteias (terraces in the place of roofs), the white-washed walls, the great profusion of orange and almond tree orchards, as well as the lace-typed chimneys are some examples.


From the nature of the architectural legacy, though the history, to the gastronomy; and from the silence of the Mountain Range to the cosmopolitan coastal area: the Algarve has a lot to offer, open as it is to Europe and the world.

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