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Natura Algarve

Birdwatching in Ria Formosa

27.11.2014 // Natura Algarve

Egretta garzetta

In the Algarve you may find several protected areas that are ecologically renowned internationally. Combined with its natural characteristics and geographic location, these areas are essential for migratory birds from North and Central Europe, especially for water and limicoline birds.

Wetland areas such as the Ria Formosa, Castro Marim and Lagoa dos Salgados are major ecosystems for approximately 7 million migratory birds. Here you may find the stone curlew, the pratincole, the Kentish plover, the little tern, the purple swamphen, the red-crested pochard and the flamingo among several other species. Join us on a boat tour from Olhão and enjoy birdwatching through the channels of the Ria Formosa.

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