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Natura Algarve

The Ria Formosa Nature Park

03.06.2014 // Natura Algarve

The Ria Formosa Nature Park is characterized by the presence of a sandy littoral dune cord made of beaches and dunes that protect a lagoon area.

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa

Part of its lagoon system is permanently submerged meanwhile a significant percentage of it emerges during the low tide. This lagoon system of large dimensions – extends from Ancão until Manta Rota – includes a large variety of habitats: barrier islands, marshes, sand banks, dunes, salt pans, fresh and salty water lagoons, watercourses, agricultural areas and woodlands so the Ria Formosa has a huge diversity of flora and flora.

The Ria Formosa Nature Park was created with the main purpose of protection and conservation of the lagoon system namely its fauna and flora, including migratory species and their habitats. Having the constant need to reconcile the protection of the natural and cultural patrimony with a sustainable social ­economical development, guidelines were created considering the support of traditional economical activities as long as they are compatible with the rational use of resources; the promotion of recreational activities, leisure and tourism minding the particularities of the protected area and its cargo ability; further and not least important the implementation of infrastructures oriented for environmental education as a way to raise awareness on the resident population and visitors to the need for preservation of the natural and cultural values of the Ria Formosa on this scope Natura Algarve is proud to provide Ecotourism experiences to discover Ria Formosa and of all of its different aspects through wonderful boat tours in this protected area in the Algarve.

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