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Natura Algarve

Evidences of a new specie of Storm-petrel in Azores

17.11.2008 // Natura Algarve

The first time that they talked about the evidence of a two seasonally breading populations of Oceanodroma storm-petrel in the Azores Islands was in 1996. Recent mtDNA and microsatellite analysis from storm-petrel populations has considerably advanced the understanding of their taxonomic relationships.

The investigators concluded that the hot-season Azores population should be considered a new specie. The species is both genetically distinct and genetically isolated from the cool-season population of Madeira Storm-petrel Oceanodroma castro.

The name suggested for this species is Monteiro strom-petrel Oceanodroma monteiroi.

Differences in the vocalizations permit species recognition, and the extent of primary feather wear and stage of moult aids to the separation of this specie, especially in during August. Monteiro’s Storm-petrel is thought to be confined to the Azores archipelago, where it is currently known to nest on just two small neighboring islets. The total population size was estimated at 250-300 pairs in 1999.

For more detail, please consult:

Monteiro’s Storm-petrel Oceanodroma monteiroi: a new species from the Azores. MARK BOLTON, ANDREA L. SMITH, ELENA GÓMEZ-DÍAZ, VICKI L. FRIESEN, RENATA MEDEIROS, JOËL BRIED, JOSE L. ROSCALES & ROBERT W. FURNESS

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