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Natura Algarve

Birds and their migratory routes

02.09.2008 // Natura Algarve

Phoenicopterus ruber For centuries, early Naturalists question themselves about the seasonal appearances and disappearances of birds, and they were not certain if they hibernated or migrated. We now know that every year, at every Spring and Autumn, millions of birds prepare to star a large scale movement: the migration.

Annually, millions of birds move between Europe and Asia to Africa, and several species do the similar move into North America and the Tropics. In a way of spend their times and breed in warmer conditions, bird fly lond distances in the beginning of Spring and return to the winter spots, at south.

Migrations appear as the response of changes in food availability, habitat and weather conditions. Unlike hibernation and dormancy, migrations allow a year-round activity, with the advantage that bird can explore seasonal feeding grounds.

Why birds migrate is still one of the most challenging question of ornithology, because its energetic coast.  In a way of diminish that lost, some bird fly in flocks with several stops to “refuel” their energies.

Because Autumn is coming, and Ria Formosa is one of the perfect places for several species of bird to feed, mainly the Waders, its now the perfect time to spend a day on bird watching. Join us!

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